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Start times are provisional and subject to change

Day 1: Wednesday, August 02 2023
Day 2: Thursday, August 03 2023
09:30 Men Elite Team Pursuit - Qualification
11:03 Women Elite Team Sprint - Qualification
11:47 Men Elite Team Sprint - Qualification
12:43 Women Elite Individual Pursuit - Qualification
13:52 Women B 1km Time Trial - Qualification
14:24 Women C5 500m Time Trial - Qualification
14:42 Men C4 Omnium - 200m Time Trial
17:45 Women C3 Individual Pursuit - Finals
17:59 Men C4 Individual Pursuit - Finals
18:13 Women C5 500m Time Trial - Final
18:28 Men C1 Individual Pursuit - Finals
18:42 Women B 1km Time Trial - Final
19:03 Women Elite Team Sprint - Round 1
19:16 Men B Individual Pursuit - Finals
19:30 Men C5 Scratch Race
19:50 Women Elite Individual Pursuit - Finals
20:05 Men C2 Individual Pursuit - Finals
20:19 Women Elite Team Sprint - Finals
20:27 Men Elite Scratch Race
Day 3: Friday, August 04 2023
Day 4: Saturday, August 05 2023
Day 5: Sunday, August 06 2023
Day 6: Monday, August 07 2023
Day 7: Tuesday, August 08 2023
Day 8: Wednesday, August 09 2023
Men B 1km Time Trial
Men B Individual Pursuit
Wednesday, 02 August 18:21 Qualification
Thursday, 03 August 19:16 Finals
Men B Sprint
Men C1 1km Time Trial
Men C1 Individual Pursuit
Wednesday, 02 August 13:14 Qualification
Thursday, 03 August 18:28 Finals
Men C1 Omnium
Men C1 Scratch Race
Men C2 1km Time Trial
Men C2 Individual Pursuit
Wednesday, 02 August 19:45 Qualification
Thursday, 03 August 20:05 Finals
Men C2 Omnium
Men C2 Scratch Race
Men C3 1km Time Trial
Men C3 Individual Pursuit
Men C3 Omnium
Men C3 Scratch Race
Men C4 1km Time Trial
Men C4 Individual Pursuit
Wednesday, 02 August 16:50 Qualification
Thursday, 03 August 17:59 Finals
Men C4 Omnium
Thursday, 03 August 14:42 200m Time Trial
Men C4 Scratch Race
Men C5 1km Time Trial
Men C5 Individual Pursuit
Men C5 Omnium
Men C5 Scratch Race
Thursday, 03 August 19:30
Men Elite 1Km Time Trial
Men Elite Elimination Race
Men Elite Individual Pursuit
Men Elite Keirin
Men Elite Madison
Men Elite Omnium
Men Elite Points Race
Men Elite Scratch Race
Thursday, 03 August 20:27
Men Elite Sprint
Men Elite Team Pursuit
Thursday, 03 August 09:30 Qualification
Friday, 04 August 18:42 Round 1
Saturday, 05 August 19:07 Finals
Men Elite Team Sprint
Thursday, 03 August 11:47 Qualification
Friday, 04 August 19:45 Round 1
Friday, 04 August 20:30 Finals
Women B 1km Time Trial
Thursday, 03 August 13:52 Qualification
Thursday, 03 August 18:42 Final
Women B Individual Pursuit
Women B Sprint
Women C1 500m Time Trial
Women C1 Individual Pursuit
Women C1 Omnium
Women C1 Scratch Race
Women C2 500m Time Trial
Women C2 Individual Pursuit
Women C2 Omnium
Women C2 Scratch Race
Women C3 500m Time Trial
Women C3 Individual Pursuit
Wednesday, 02 August 11:57 Qualification
Thursday, 03 August 17:45 Finals
Women C3 Omnium
Women C3 Scratch Race
Women C4 500m Time Trial
Women C4 Individual Pursuit
Women C4 Omnium
Women C4 Scratch Race
Women C5 500m Time Trial
Thursday, 03 August 14:24 Qualification
Thursday, 03 August 18:13 Final
Women C5 Individual Pursuit
Women C5 Omnium
Women C5 Scratch Race
Women Elite 500m Time Trial
Women Elite Elimination Race
Women Elite Individual Pursuit
Thursday, 03 August 12:43 Qualification
Thursday, 03 August 19:50 Finals
Women Elite Keirin
Women Elite Madison
Women Elite Omnium
Women Elite Points Race
Women Elite Scratch Race
Women Elite Sprint
Women Elite Team Pursuit
Women Elite Team Sprint
Thursday, 03 August 11:03 Qualification
Thursday, 03 August 19:03 Round 1
Thursday, 03 August 20:19 Finals
Mixed B Team Sprint
Mixed C Team Sprint